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The law firm of Woody Law Offices, P. C. can provide you with high-quality, legal representation that provides for an effective and efficient manner for a new addition to join your family. This is a very difficult decision to make in giving up or bringing in and we can help support you emotionally and guiding you through the legal aspects of your decision.
What is Adoption?
Adoption is meant to establish a legally recognized lifelong relationship between a parent and a child who are not related biologically.
What are the different types of Adoptions?

There are a number of different types of adoptions including international adoption, registering a foreign adoption, step-child adoption, closed adoption, and arranging other types. In each case, appropriate documents and/or pleadings need to be filed with the court to insure proper and permanent placement of the child.
Whose consent is needed for adoption to occur?
Generally, the birth parents must consent to an adoption in order for it to be legal. At times a legal guardian or an appropriate Government Agency may need to give consent.
What is an Open Adoption?
An Open Adoption means the birth parents will be the ones who participate in the choice of the adopting parents for the child. This is very different from a traditional adoption where someone else determines who would raise the child. In an Open Adoption the adopting parents are identified to the birth parents.
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